Nebraska Minor League Baseball
Win Noyes

Win Noyes, a 19 year old pitcher from Pleasonton Nebraska, started the 1910 season with Kearney. He was their leading pitcher, tossing a no hitter against Superior and led the league in wins and strike outs. He attended Nebraska Wesleyan University.

He started the 1911 season with Ottumwa where he was 12-8 and was 0-1 for San Francisco in the PCL.

In 1912 he was 26-8 for Spokane and 0-2 for San Francisco.

He debuted in the major leagues in 1913, pitching for the Boston (NL) team. In 1917 and 1919 he pitched for the Philadelphia (AL) major league team. Lifetime he pitched in 49 games with a 11 win 15 loss major league record.

He was with Spokane in 1914 (14-9) and 1915 (22-14). He was also 1-1 for Portland in 1915. He was 21-19 in 1916 pitching for Portland in the PCL.

He died in Cashmere Washington in 1969.

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