Fairbury Nebraska

Fairbury is a town in south east Nebraska. It is the county seat of Jefferson County. The population of the town in 1930 was about 6,200 and now about 4,200 people call Fairbury home. The Fairbury Journal was a weekly paper during the time the town was a part of minor league professional baseball and information about the teams is limited. Attractions include the Rock Creek Station, a Pony Express and stage stop. For those into shooting and hunting a stop at Bedlans Sporting Goods is a requirement. They have over 1,700 collector firearms in stock. The collection is worth a look.
Entrance to City park
Fairbury Nebraska
Bruce Esser Photo
The tank at right protects city park. The park has been around for a long time and the mature trees offer a cool oasis on a hot day. The Girl Scout Cabin is a typical WPA project building from the 30's.

The towns minor league baseball heritage is one of starts and stops. It was not a member of the original Nebraska State League in 1910. It joined the league in 1915, and the league folded that summer.
The team was more successful during the second iteration of the Nebraska State League. The team won the 1922 pennant and was one of the first teams in the league to travel by autobus instead of by train to away games. They wound up in last place in 1923 and the franchise folded at the end of the year. The league did not survive the 1924 season. Fairbury was a charter member of the third Nebraska State League. The team was active from 1928 through the 1930 season. The depression took its toll and the franchise was dropped along with Norton for the 1931 season. The team was resurrected for the 1936 season as the league expanded to six teams. They did not last the entire season as both Fairbury and Lincoln folded during the campaign. They acquired an affiliation with the St. Louis Browns for the 1937 season and the team was once again active. This was the last year for professional baseball in Fairbury.
The team played on a diamond in city park. Quinn Field is still being used as a baseball field by the local high school and legion teams. It is lighted and has the typical aluminum bleachers. I have been told that the field used to have a covered grandstand made of wood. It would be nice to find a picture of that version of the field.
Quinn Field
Fairbury Nebraska

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