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MINK League
Falls City Colts 1911

The Falls City Colts was one of the original franchises in the MINK league in 1910. They were second in 1911

Forrester played first for 61 games for Falls City in 1911.

In the dirt at second for Falls City was Trainor.

The hot corner was handled by McNeill

Van Tappen returned for the 1911 season. He was the regular at short and played in 92 games

Ozee played in 12 games and Peoples was in 28 games.

Catcher was Vanderhill. He caught 78 games.

Outfield; Drumm handled one of the posts in the outfield. He maintained a .302 average in 94 games.

McCabe was in his second year for Falls City in 1911. He averaged .30x in 78 games.

Trainer played the outfield for 33 games in 1911.

Finch returned for the 1911 season. He was the top pitcher for Falls City in 1911 he had a 18-14 record in 32 games.

Woods managed a 14-5 record in 19 games.

McCabe also returned to Falls City for the 1911 season and had a 6-2 record..

Forrester was also a pitcher in 1911. He managed a 9-8 record for the year.

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