Nebraska Minor League Baseball
Tri-State League
Grand Island Islanders 1924


After Lincoln went to the Western League the Nebraska State League morphed into the Tri-State League in 1924. Teams from the defunct South Dakota League and some of the Nebraska State League combined to form this new league. They hoped to have class "C" status but the lack of population resulted in a class "D" designation.

Jake Kraninger was named manager for the Grand Island franchise. Originally from Council Bluffs he played for Auburn in the MINK league in 1910 through 1912. He was player manager for Columbus in the Nebraska State League in 1914.

The team managed a break even record. The league folded in July and many of the better players were picked up by Western League teams.


Fred Bowman played in 50 games and averaged .302.

Richard Brookhaus averaged .220 in 49 games. The 20 year old started with Grand Island in 1923. In 1926 he played for Ponca City in 1926 and was back into the Nebraska State League in 1931 with Grand Island. He played in the NSL through the 1937 season.

Henry Buser started his career with Springfield Illinois Midgets in 1921. He played for both Grand Island (NSL) and Springfield (Western Association) in 1923. He played in 50 games in 1924 and averaged .274.

Condon played in 47 games and averaged .257.

Fairchild played in 16 games and averaged .303.

Hinkle played in 50 games and averaged .281.

Luebbe played for Grand Island and Scranton in 1923. He played in 20 games in 1924 and averaged .232.

Rowe played in 45 games and averaged .242. He also played for Emporia for 64 games and averaged .346.

Wilford Shupe was the leading pitcher for Grand Island in 1924. He was 15-5 when the league folded. He was picked up by Des Moines in the Western League and had a 6-6 record and finished the year with Syracuse. He played for Lincoln and Des Moines in 1925, Des Moines in 1926, Topeka in 1929 and Omaha in 1930.

Bope was 6-6.

Krick was 3-0, Maple was 2-6 and Whitcomb was 2-3.

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