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Grand Island A's 1958

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Robert Wittkowski was a standout for Grand Island in 1958. He played both first base and catcher for the A's and averaged .303 for the season. When Robert Wittkowski was behind the mask, Robert Vostrey played first and averaged .203 for the year.

Second base was split between Gordon Taylor who averaged .228 and William Spiers who averaged .309 in 19 games.

Ron Debus led the league with a .393 batting average in 1958 while holding down the third base position.

In the dirt at short stop for 1958 was split between Gerald Dupree who averaged .228 and Carl Rezac who averaged .238.

Jerome Sheehan played in 31 games for Grand Island in 1958. He caught in 28 games and averaged .232 for the season.

Wittkowski caught in 20 games and Tom Videtech was in 24 games as a backup catcher. He did not make it to the Mendoza line for the season.

Six players alternated in the outfield in 1958. Sandy Burnett played in 45 games and averaged .248. Norman Solis plied the garden for 40 games and averaged .125. Southpaw Gerald Muiden averaged .296 in 52 games and Charles Ackerman had a .235 average in 23 games. Michael Goodman played in 33 games and averaged .204 and Robert Delgado was in 12 games in the outfield and averaged .217.

Grand Island had 10 pitchers on their staff in 1958. Four pitchers appeared in more than ten games with Ray Brunton leading the A's with a 7-4 record, followed by Charles Hoelzeman who had a 2-4 record from the port side, fellow southpaw Richard McCaughlin with a 2-1 record and James Doyle with a 1-4 record.

Other pitchers included Glenn Fleming with a 6-1 record in 8 games, Richard Green 4-2 in seven appearances and southpaw John Hanes with a 1-1 record in nine appearances. Richard McLaughlin was 2-1 for the year. Jerry Talbott had a 3-1 record, Phil Waddell had a 4-2 record and Ron Wasylexak , a southpaw had no decisions in 8 appearances. Nebraska State League Standings 1958

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