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Holdrege White Sox 1959

First base was held down by Robert McCauley . The port side swinger averaged .201 and was in 50 games. Alternating at first was Jack Johnson . He averaged .247 in 34 games for Holdrege.

Second base was held down by Al Weis . He played in 62 games and averaged .275. He had been signed by the White Sox as an amateur free agent in the spring of 1959. He moved to Lincoln in the III league for 1960 and played for Charleston in 1961. He started the 62 season in Indianapolis. He made it to the parent Chicago White Sox in 1962 and had a 10 year major league career.

At the hot corner was M. C. Moore who averaged .254 for the season. Alternating with Moore was Dexter Rolette who appeared in 23 games and averaged .184.

A couple of rookies played at short stop during the season. Lee Olmstead averaged .273 in 28 games and Don Andersen appeared in 20 games and averaged .261.

Catching duties were shared by Ken Eeles who put on the mask for 37 games and averaged .214 and Dave Timok who averaged .290 from the port side in 35 games. George Olson appeared in 16 games and averaged .359.

James Hicks was signed by the White Sox in 1959 and assigned to Holdrege. The 19 year old rookie from Chicago averaged .318 for the season. He played five seasons in the major leagues with the White Sox, Cardinals and Angels.

Fred Green was a regular in the garden in 1959. The port side swinger averaged .221.

Fred Loesekam played 58 games for Holdrege and averaged .288. In 1960 he was an All Star player with the class "C" Idaho Falls Russetts.

Jack Johnson played in the outfield and averaged .247 and Richard White appeared in 12 games and averaged .128. Pitchers:
Fred "Bubby" Talbot was signed by the White Sox as an amateur free agent in 1959. He was 5-5 for Holdrege in 1959 in eleven appearances. The nineteen year old from the nations capital made it to the major leagues in 1963 with the parent club. He played in 195 major league games over eight years with five different teams.

Jerry Sharp was 8-1 in 10 appearances.

John Couch appeared in 15 games and was 2-2.

Pat Cummings was 3-4 in 11 games. Juan Gomez graduated from high school in 1959 and was signed by the White Sox. He was 8-0 as a high school pitcher at Bowie High School. In 1959 he was 4-1 in 10 appearances. In 1961 his contract was acquired by the Senators. He was an All Star in the Alabama-Florida League in 1961 with a 9-6 record and 137 k's. His next stop was the Carolina League where he flung a no hitter in his first game. In 1966 he played with the Albuquerque Dodgers and appeared in 66 games as a reliever.

James Host played in 5 games and had a 2-1 record and Albert Kennedy was 4-3 from the port side for Holdrege in 14 games.

T. Robert Richmond appeared in 12 games and was 1-0, while lefty Stan Seger appeared in 9 games and had a 2-4 record.

Ron Woods pitched the only no hitter in the league in 1959. On July 17th he pitched his gem against Kearney in a 2-0 win. Overall he appeared in 4 games and had a 2-0 record.

John Thomann appered in 8 games and had no decisions and John Zahn appeared in 13 games and managed a 6-2 record.

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