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Lexington Red Sox 1958

Jack Kaiser was the manager of the Lexington Red Sox for 1958. It was his second year at the head of the class "D" team. Lexington was 30-33 for the year.


The Red Sox regular at first base was Gerald Lorek . The port side swinger averaged .224 for the season.

In the dirt at second base was Richard DiGiacomo . He averged .261 for the '58 season.

Third base and short stop was split between three players during the season. Ken Knutson averaged .262 from the left side of the batters box, Robert Blackford averaged .175 and Joe Fox averaged .206.

Behind the plate for the Red Sox in 1958 was Ron Staples . In 50 games he averaged .250 for Lexington.

William Lister played in 20 games and averaged .303.

Larry Smoot managed a .206 average in 25 games.

Tim Carroll averaged .419 in 16 games.

A regular in the garden for the Red Sox was switch hitter Roger Jensen . He averaged .192 for the year.

John Gould averaged .294 in 45 games.

Charles Kredar did not make the Mendoza line during 1958. He averaged .150.

William Dennis averaged .250 in 26 games.

A Mendoza who did not make the Mendoza line was Robert Mendoza who averaged .191 for the season.

William Moniak averaged .294 in 17 games.

The best pitcher in the league was Bill Spanswick. On August 21, 1958, he struck out 22 while pitching a one hit, 13-0 victory over Superior. Earlier in the year the twenty year old southpaw struck out 24 in a 14 inning game. He attended Enfield High School where he is a member of their Sports Hall of Fame. He attended Holy Cross College for one year then signed with the Red Sox. In 1963 he played for Seattle and was the "AAA" player of the year. The Springfield MA native made his major league debut in 1964. He played for the Red Sox for one season and appeared in 29 games.

Ray Geiser appeared in 12 games. The lefty was 6-2 for the season.

Brad Griffith appeared in 18 games and had a 5-3 record.

Robert E Hansen had a 1-4 record in 9 games.

Tom Kraus was 5-3 in 16 appearances.

Robert Mirer managed a 4-3 record in 17 games.

Gary Modrell John Soviero was 1-4 in 13 games and Robert Wheeler was in 15 games and had a 1-3 record. Nebraska State League Standings 1958

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