Nebraska Minor League Baseball
Lincoln Greenbackers 1913
Western League Standings 1913
President: Norris L O'Neill
Standings Wins----- Losses--- GB
Denver Bears 104 62 --
Des Moines Boosters 94 72 10 ½
St. Joseph Drummers 89 79 15 ½
Lincoln Greenbackers 87 90 17 ½
Omaha Rourkes 79 86 24 ½
Sioux City Packers 73 92 30 ½
Topeka Jayhawks 73 92 30 ½
Wichita Jobbers 65 101 39

BA: Roxy Middleton, Wichita, .370
Runs: Les Channell, Denver, 137
Hits: Bill Congalton, Omaha, 227
HR's: Les Channell, Denver, 26
Doubles: Bill Congalton, Omaha, 50
SBs: Joseph Kelly, St. Joseph, 68
Wins: George Boehler, St. Joseph, 27
Doubles: Bill Congalton, Omaha, 50
SOs: Red Faber, Des Moines, 265


Lincoln spent most of the year in the first division. They did a tailspin at the end of the season and wound up in fourth place.



Charlie Mullen returned to Lincoln for the 1913 season. He played for the White Sox in 1910 and 1911. He batted .294 for the season. He started the 1914 season in Lincoln and was picked up by the Yankees during the season. He was up and down with the Yankees in 1914. He played for Richmond and the Yankees in 1915 and was a regular with the Yankees in 1916. In 1917 he played for Toledo and in 1919 he was on the left coast playing back at home in Seattle.

David LLoyd played 164 games at second and averaged .301. Originally from Pottsville PA, he started his career with Steubenville in 1906. He played most of his career in the Western League, playing for Denver and Lincoln from 1910 through 1916.

Louis Barbour also returned for 1913. The 28 year old from San Antonio played a number of positions in the infield and wound up with a .287 average.

Alternating at third for the Lincoln franchise in 1913 was Don Rader. He averaged .309 while playing 33 games. The nineteen year old from Wolcott Indiana started the year with Pendleton in the class "D" Western Tri-State League. He had a cup of coffee with Chicago (AL) in July and played in four games. He also had a cup of coffee with Philidelphia (NL) in 1921. He played minor league ball through the 1927 season, ending his career in Lincoln in 1927.

Short stop was handled by Bill Dowling. The 28 year old from Indianapolis played in 155 games and averaged .235.

Joseph Collins alternated between short and the outfield and averaged .242.

Del Baker was a 21 year old catcher from Sherwood Oregon. He was a regular for Lincoln behind the mask in 1913. He was signed by the Tigers for the 1914 season and played for three years with Detroit.

Thomas Carney returned as backup catcher for 1913. He played in 59 games and averaged .272.

William "Big Bill" McCormick returned for his third year in the outfield and averaged .317 for the team.

Willis Cole returned for the 1913 season. He had a cup of coffee with the White Sox in 1909 and 1910. For 1913 he played in 142 games and averaged .309.

Paul Cobb returned to Omaha for 1913 and averaged .254. Some sources indicated that his name was John Cobb.

Joseph "Pepper" Peploski played third base. Originally from Brooklyn the 21 year old averaged .211. He was picked up by Detroit in June and appeared in 2 games before being sent back to Lincoln.

Edd Roush played 10 games in the outfield in 1913. He played most of the year in Evansville. The 20 year old from Oakland City Indiana was picked up by Chicago (AL) in August. He played in 9 games and averaged .100. In 1914 he moved to the Federal League and played for Indianapolis and Newark in 1915. He was back in the National League in 1916 and played for Cincinatti and the New York Giants through the 1931 season.

Donovan played 28 games in the garden and averaged .271.


Lefty Clauss pitched in 25 games. The 22 year old from New Haven CT had a 3.45 ERA in 25 games. At the beginning of the year he was with Detroit (AL). He was 0-1 in 5 games when he was sent to Lincoln.

Harry Smith was one of the best pitchers in the Nebraska State League in 1910. He pitched in 36 games for Lincoln in 1913.

Levi Knapp returned to Lincoln for the 1913 season. The Fisher's Eddy New York native pitched in 31 games in 1913.

Buck Ehman pitched in 43 games and had a 23-13 record.

Frank "Rube" Dessau also returned to the mound for 1912 and pitched in 35 games. The New Galilee PA native had a cup of coffee with Boston (NL) in 1907 and Brooklyn in 1910. He started his career with Birmingham in 1905 and finished in York in the New York Penn League in 1926.

Rip Jordan pitched in 35 games. The 23 year old from Portland ME had a 2.87 ERA in 35 games. He had a four game stint with Chicago (AL) in 1912 and appeared in one game with Washington (AL) in 1919.

Lefty Scoggins was a 21 year old from Kileen Texas. He had a 1.68 ERA in 7 games. He was picked up by Chicago (AL) in August and played in one major league games. He pitched for Lincoln in 1914 and then moved to the west coast and played for Los Angeles in the PCL.

Tom Tuckey had a 4.7 ERA in 25 games. He played for Boston (NL) in 1908 and 1909. Lincoln was his last stop in a professional career that started in 1902. Nebraska Minor League Home