Nebraska Minor League Baseball
Lincoln Tigers

Western League Standings 1914
President: Norris L. O'Neill
Standings Wins----- Losses--- GB
Sioux City Indians 105 60 --
Denver Bears 96 72 10 ½
St. Joseph Drummers 89 75 15 ½
Des Moines Boosters 82 81 22
Lincoln Tigers 81 87 25 ½
Omaha Rourkes 77 87 27 ½
Topeka Jayhawks 68 97 37
Wichita Wolves 63 102 42

Ba: Larry LeJeune, Sioux City, .361
Runs: Larry LeJeune, Sioux City, 124
Hits: Jim Kane, Sioux City, 221
HR's: Bill Fisher, Denver, 28
Wins: Buck Sterzer, Denver, 28
SO's: Buck Sterzer, Denver, 206
ERA: Jim Scoggins, Lincoln, 2.58
Walks:Tipple, Omaha, 142


Lincoln had a number of returning starters for the 1914 season but could never get a run going at the leaders. They started strong but by mid May had settled into 5th place. They were 8th in batting for the year.

Like most Western League teams Lincoln had a number of players who had major league experience. They had twelve players who either played in the show before 1914 or would be in the major leagues.

Charlie Mullen returned for the start of the 1914 season. He had played for the White Sox in 1910 and 1911. He was picked up by the Yankees during the season and wound up playing for the Yanks through the 1916 season. He averaged .381 in the 71 games he played for Lincoln. The Seattle born player started his professional career with Portland in 1909. He played for three years in Lincon.

Harry Williams played 79 games, mostly at first and averaged .263. He also played in 58 games for the Yankees in 1914 and averaged .163. He was born in Omaha he started with Maysville in 1911.

In the dirt at second base was David Lloyd . The returning second baseman from 1913 averaged .289. He was a fixture in the Western League, playing for Lincoln for five years and Denver for three.

Lee Quillen averaged .228 in 130 games. Originally from North Branch Minnesota he started with Minneapolis in 1902. He played for Duluth for a while and was in Lincoln for a bit in 1906.

Will Oriet started the year with Beatrice in the Nebraska State League. As the NSL wound down for the season Will was given a tryout with the Lincoln franchise in the Western league He played in 29 games at third.

The regular at short for 1914 was McGaffigan . He averaged .248 for the year.

Catcher in 1914 was Rudolf Rehor . He averaged .182. according to one source and .177 according to Baseball Reference. Earl Blackburn averaged .248 as alternate at catcher. He also played 45 games for Indianapolis in 1914. He had an interesting major league career, playing in 1 game for Pittsburg and one for the Reds in 1912. He played 17 games for the Reds in 1913, 3 games for Boston (NL) in 1915 and returned for 47 games in 1916. He then played for 2 games with Chicago (NL) in 1917.

Hank Schrieber was a regular in the garden and averaged .216. The 22 year old played one game for the White Sox in April of 1914 before coming to Lincoln. He was another major league irregular. He had a cup of coffee in the bigs in 1917, 1919, 1921 and 1926 all with different teams.

Miller averaged .274 in 144 games.

Joseph Collins was in 165 games and averaged .247.

Patsy McGaffigan averaged .248 in 170 games. He played for Philadelphia (NL) in 1917 and 1918.

Others who played for Lincoln included John Altman (19 games, .328),, Allen (56 games, .238) and Billy Meyer (35 games, .231).

Frank "Rube" Dessau returned for 1914. He also played for Lincoln in 1912 and 1913. He had a 12-15 record in 30 games. He had a cup of coffee with Boston (NL) in 1907 and Brooklyn in 1910.

Lefty Scoggins ws 19-14 in 44 games. The 22 year old from Keleen Texas made it to the show in 1913 where he had a one game major league career.

Rip Jordan was 10-14 in 23 games. He had a cup of coffee with Chicago (AL) in 1912 and with Washington in 1919.

Buck Ehman returned for the 1914 season and was 16-16 in 32 games. He was from Akron Ohio.

Ashley Pope was 2-3 in 7 games, Irl Morse was 2-0 in 5 games, J. Cooney was 8-9 in 31 games.

Harry Smith was 8-11 in 32 games. The Union Nebraska native started with Fremont in 1910 in the Nebraska State League.

Lefty Clauss was 2-3 in 1914. The New Haven native played in five major league games with Detroit in 1913.

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