Nebraska Minor League Baseball
Lincoln Links
Western League Standings 1924
President: Albert Tearney
Standings Wins----- Losses--- GB

Omaha Buffaloes 103 61 --
Denver Bears 100 67 4 ½
Tulsa Oilers 98 69 6 ½
St. Joseph Saints 86 79 17 ½
Oklahoma City Indians 82 86 23
Wichita Izzies 79 88 25 ½
Des Moines Boosters 59 106 44 ½
Lincoln Links 57 108 46 ½

SO's: Bill Bailey, Omaha, 191

Lincoln returned to the Western League after a two year stint in the Nebraska State League. The owner of the class "D" franchise, Buck Beltzer, was locked out of both the new Western League franchise and the Tri-State League follow on to the Nebraska State League.

Clarke was named manager for the club.

Hall of Fame
Tony "Poosh 'Em Up" Lazzeri was a 21 year old from San Francisco who played in the dirt at second base for Lincoln in 1924. He played for Salt Lake City in 1925 where he hit 60 home runs and drove in 222 runs. He made his major league debut with the Yankees in 1926 and played in the major leagues through 1939. He was the first major league player to hit two grand slam home runs in one game, achieving this feat in 1936.

Cooper was 7-7.

Rasmussen was 15-17

Grover was 13-16

L. Beck was 5-8

Pallas was 3-8

was 2-8.

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