Nebraska Minor League Baseball
Lincoln 1925
Western League Standings 1925
President: Al Tearney
Standings Wins----- Losses--- GB
Des Moines Demons 98 70 --
Denver Bears 97 71 1
Oklahoma City Indians 88 76 8
Wichita Izzies 80 84 16
St. Joseph Saints 77 87 19
Tulsa Oilers 75 91 21 ½
Omaha Buffaloes 74 89 22
Lincoln Links 70 91 24 ½
BA:Frank Osborn, Omaha, .372
Hits:Frank Osborn, Omaha, 245
Triples:Wally (Skinny) Shaner, Lincoln, 30

Landis field was remodeled during the hot stove season. Center field was moved back 30 feet and the grandstands were expanded down both base lines.

The year was one of organizational controversy. League owners were deadlocked 4 to 4 on votes to remove president Al Tearney. Tearney did not live in the Western League region and was basically an absentee president. There were a number of controversial fines and suspensions after the vote. It appeared that those clubs who voted to oust Tearney suffered the brunt of his decisions for the rest of the year.

Another dispute over the salary cap boiled over during the year. Lawrence Arnold, from Los Angeles owned the Links. In early September he charged that both Des Moines and Denver were well over the monthly salary limit of $5,500. Arnold had bought the franchise in June of 1924 and was dismayed by the way the league did not enforce the salary limit. Many of the franchises were struggling financially including Lincoln. The St. Joseph franchise had trouble meeting payroll and a number of attempts were made to move the franchise.

Eventually Tearney was removed at the end of the season. The salary limit was reduced for the 1926 season but no action was taken concerning those clubs who were over the limit.

Twenty five year old Wally (Skinny) Shaner led the league in triples and was fourth in batting average (.358) for the Links. The fence at Landis field was moved back 50 feet before the season began. This made Landis field the biggest in the Western League with a fence distance of 395 feet. Triples were common in such a big park and home runs were difficult to accomplish. Wally had played three games in 1923 for Cleveland in the American League. His success in Lincoln led him to be picked up by Boston (AL). He played for Boston in '26-'27 and Cincinatti in 1929. His 30 triples tied him for second place all time in minor league history for triples in a season. Wally was named to the 2nd team Western League All Star team.

Short stop for the Links was Frank Haley . He was a veteran and stabalizing influence for the Links. In September, owner Arnold changed managers and Frank was named player manager for the rest of the 1925 season. I think this is the Frank Haley who played for four Forth Worth Panther Texas League champion teams in the early 1920's.

Earle Brucker was a catcher for the Links in 1925 and 1926. He made it to the major leagues as a 36 year old catcher with Philadelphia in the American League and played through the 1943 season.

Pid Purdy tended the garden for the Links in 1925. He averaged .289.

E. Moore averaged .295 in 127 games.

Krueger averaged .307 as a regular in the infield.

Maderas played in 54 games and averaged .259.

Gottlieber averaged .334 and Gooch averaged .264.

Robert "Earl" Grace also wore the mask for the Links in 1925. He was an 18 year old from Barlow Kentucky. He made his major league debut in 1929 with the Cubs. He was traded to the Pirates in 1931. He bats left and throws right. The 6 foot, 175 pound catcher also played for Reading in the International League. He played through the 1937 season.

Clay Carson was the opening day pitcher for the Links in 1925. He had experience with the Vernon team in the Coast League and Shreveport in the Texas league in 1924. He played his college ball in Oregon.

Ted Pillette was a pitcher for Lincoln in 1925. He came from Portland in the PCL and moved to Oklahoma City for the 1926 season. He was 18-16 for the links and was named to the 2nd team Western League All Star Team.

Christian was 15-10 for the year and was a 1st team Western League All Star.

Cooper was 11-10 and averaged .313 with the wagon tongue.

Wilson was 6-6, Shupe was 3-3 and Carson was 9-18 for the year.

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