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Frank Gannon tended center garden for Lincoln in 1931. He led the league in triples and averaged .345 for the season. He was picked up by Oklahoma City of the Western League at the end of the season.

Ogorek played second for Lincoln in 1931 and averaged over .340 for the season.

Les Nunamaker played in 100 games and averaged .268. He was 42 years old, a veteran of 12 seasons in the major leagues.

Theis played third and averaged .275.

Hoener was in the dirt at short for 105 games and averaged .254 at the plate.

Rohde averaged .279 while tending the garden for 97 games.

Sloan played in 48 games and averaged .310.

Starr put on the mask for 73 games and averaged .294.

Harley Hagen led the league in strike outs and managed an 11-9 record for Lincoln. He was sold to Detroit at the end of the year.

Elmer Lindahl was 14-10 for the Links in 1931.

Millard was 12-10 as a pitcher and averaged .353 at the plate for Lincoln.

Benton was 8-7, Hagen was 12-11 and Sloan was 8-3 for Lincoln in 1931.

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