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The Western League was a class "A" league in 1951. There were three "AAA" leagues, two "AA" leagues and four "A" leagues in 1951.

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Western League 1951 Standings
President: Senator Edwin C. Johnson
Standings Wins Losses Games
Affiliation Attendance Manager
Omaha Cardinals 90 64 -- St. Louis Cardinals 162,247 George Kissell
Denver Bears 88 66 2 Boston Braves 424,065 Andy Cohen
Wichita Indians 84 68 5 Cleveland Indians 122,060 Joe Schultz
Sioux City Soos 77 71 10 New York Giants 104,247 Chuck Genovese
Des Moines Bruins 73 78 15 ½ Chicago Cubs 94,137 Alfred Todd
Pueblo Dodgers 74 80 16 Brooklyn Dodgers 104,254 James Biven
Colorado Springs SkySox 64 87 24 ½ Chicago White Sox 107,320 Skeeter Webb
Lincoln Athletics 57 93 31 Philadelphia Athletics 37,123 Frank Skaff

Sioux City beat Omaha 3 games to 1.
Denver beat Wichita 3 games to 1.
Sioux City beat Denver in the finals 3 games to 1.

BA: George Freese, Pueblo, .338
Runs: Ron Samford, Sioux City, 108
Hits: George Freese, Pueblo, 183
RBI's: George Freese, Pueblo, 106
HR's: Howard Roles, Des Moines, 32
Wins: ElRoy Face, Pueblo, 23
SO's: Willard Schmidt, Omaha, 202
ERA: Willard Schmidt, Omaha, 2.11

Frank Skaff managed the Lincoln team in 1951. The LaCrosse Wisconsin native played for Brooklyn in 1935 and Philadelphia (AL) in 1943. The team was a reflection of the Athletics mismangement in general and finished 31 games behind. They only managed 37,000 fans for the year making the team a double disaster.

Tom Hamilton played first base for Lincoln in 1951. He started with Lincoln in 1950. The Altoona Kansas native averaged .261 in 103 games. He made it to the majors in 1952 and played through the 1953 season.

Ronald Gifford played second base for 18 games in 1951. He averaged .137.

Ed Boehm played in 151 games and averaged .243.

Robert Gardner averaged .274 in 145 games.

Tom Kirk averaged .280 in 113 games. He played for Lincoln from 1948-1951.

Wilber "Billy" Shantz was the unsung brother of Bobby. He played in the majors in 1954 with Philadelphia (AL), 1955 with Kansas City and in 1960 he had a one game appearance with the Yankees. He averaged .231 with Lincoln in 1951.

Donald Taylor averaged .259 in 137 games.

Spider Wilhelm averaged .278 in 108 games. He had a cup of coffee with the Philadelphia Athletics in 1953.

Vince Gohl had a 10-18 record.

Arnie Portocarrero was a 19 year old from New York city. He had a 12-18 record in 1951. He played in the majors with the Philadelphia Athletics in 1954, Kansas City in 1955-1957 and Baltimore in 1958-1960.

Dutch Romberger was 14-11 in 1951. Signed as a free agent in 1949, he had a cup of coffee with Philadelpia (AL) in 1954.

Elwood Carey had a 8-10 record playing for Lincoln and Pueblo in 1951.

Mason Bowes was a repeat all star for Lincoln in 1951. For the second year in a row he was second in complete games. He was present in 2001 to see the return of professional baseball to Lincoln when the Salt Dogs took the field.

Cy Buker played for 4 teams in 1951 and had a 2-6 record.

Tex Hoyle was 2-4 for the year.

Albert Busa was 0-4 as was Norman Kramer.

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