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First base for McCook in 1958 was held down by Harold Richie. He was one of many Braves to average over .300 for the season. He had a .319 average.

Second base in 1958 was split between Gerald Drew who averaged .206 and John Schmitz who averaged .305.

The hot corner was handled by Bernard Tesmer who averaged .269. James Springborn played in 38 games in the infield and averaged .224.

Short stop was handled by Michael Roberts . He averaged .302 in 60 games.

Putting on the mask for the McCook Braves was Robert Biedermann who averaged .297 and John Redway who averaged .303. John graduated from Fairfield University in 1959 and is a member of their sports hall of fame.

The outfield for McCook in 1958 was handled mainly by four players. Wayne Wilson averaged .307; Keith Lewallen averaged .275; Hugh Mendez averaged .266 and Hermond Hubbard averaged .273.

Ceferino Foy was 10-1 in 20 appearances.

Charles Duren appeared in 12 games and was 4-2.

Morris Feick was a port side hurler who had a 3-3 record in 13 games.

David Fracaro was 5-3 in 19 games.

Frank Johnson was 5-0 in 15 appearances. Robert Ross was 5-3, James MacPherson was 5-5, Walt Norley was 2-1 and Eugene Schlender was 0-1.

Rafael Andujar was in 9 games and was 0-1 for the year.

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