Nebraska Minor League Baseball
Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas League (MINK)

Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas League
Standings 1913
President: Warren Cummings
Standings Wins----- Losses--- GB
Auburn Athletics 23 8 --
Nebraska City Forresters 15 16 8
Falls City Colts 14 18 9 ½
Humboldt Infants 12 20 11 ½

Falls City Colts and Humboldt withdrew from the league
on June 17th, causing the league to fold.

The league contracted to four teams for the 1913 season. Excitement in Nebraska City was high as they were coming off a pennant winning season in 1912.

Sunday baseball was still a hot issue and one of the factors impacting the success of the league. Falls City moved their Sunday games to Kansas to avoid the restrictions in Nebraska. Nebraska City played their week day games at thier park on 14th and Central and their Sunday games at the driving park. This was a compromise with the ministerial alliance which had protested a game on Sunday during the 1910 season.

During this era many fans could travel by train to catch a game. Nebraska City fans could go to Auburn on the noon Missouri Pacific and return in teh evening on the flyer from the south.


Nebraska City Forresters 1913

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