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Tri-State League 1924

When Lincoln acquired a Western League franchise team in 1924 the Nebraska State League lost its leading city both in terms of population and attendance. The Beltzer brothers were shut out of their Nebraska League franchise. The South Dakota League collapsed after the 1923 season and the left overs of the NSL and SD league formed the Tri-State league.

E. Lane was named manager for Norfolk in 1924.


Van Atherton averaged .250 in 47 games. He played for Norfolk for all three years of this iteration of the league. He played for Blackwell in the Southwestern League in 1926.

Keith Clark ws a 23 year old with two years of experience in Norfolk when the 1924 season started. He averaged .276. When the league collapsed he moved to Salina in the Southwestern League. He played for Salina, Bloomington, Augusta, Topeka, Kansas City, Pueblo, Rock Island, Davenport and Omaha before hanging up his spikes in 1937.

Bruski played in Aberdeen in 1922 and aveaged .275 for Norfolk in 1924.

Eppley averaged .231.

Johnson averaged .269 in 47 games.

Carl Pederson averaged .246 in 47 games. He started with Wahpeton in 1921 and 1922 and Norfolk in 1923 and 1924.

Joe Weidell averaged .267 in 47 games.


Earl Hilton was 8-5 in 13 games. He started in 1920 with Oakland and played in Norfolk from 1922-1924.

Anton Federle was a 27 year old pitcher in 1924. He was 1-1 before the league folded.

Perl Hyland was 6-6 in 1924 after going 13-14 in 1923.

Elmer Lane was 2-6 after having a great 16-8 year in 1923.

Albert Zweifel ws 1-1 with Norfolk. He also played for Macon in the class "B" Sally league and Peoria in the class "B" III League in 1924.

Anderson was 3-6.

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