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Norfolk was unable to stay with the top teams in the league in 1931. Joe McDermott was in his first year as manager. He managed the Norfolk franchise for four years. He welcomed more than 80 prospects in the spring. He managed to weed out the yannigans and entered the season with the requisite 14 ball players. Two future major league players, Hugh Luby and Orin Hockett were on the team. While they had three .300 hitters they only had two quality pitchers on the staff.


Sebastian Wagner (Wagoner in some references) led the league with 22 home runs and he averaged .351 in 86 games. He also led the team in triples and tied in doubles. . ,

Joe Mcdermott averaged .300 while playing first base for the Elks.

Hugh Luby was an 18 year old rookie who began his professional career with Norfolk in 1931. He played in the major leagues for a short period of time and played a long time in the Pacific Coast League. He is in the Pacific Coast League Hall of Fame.

Max Harned played 73 games for Norfolk in 1931.

Stanley Banks averaged .294 in 103 games in the infield.

Harris Berleman was a 22 year old who averaged .274 in 33 games.

Oris Hockett was a 21 year old rookie in 1931. The Amboy Indiana native averaged .318 in 55 games for Norfolk. He returned to Norfolk for the 1932 season. He played for Brooklyn in 1938 and 1939 and for Cleveland and the White Sox from 1941 through 1945. He was named to the American League All Star team in 1944.
Oris Hockett
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there was no Play Ball Card in 1944.

Olive played in 40 games and averaged .293.

Lick played short for 101 games and averaged .272.

Johnny McArtor averaged .329 while playing catcher.

Ferrell caught 41 games.

Guadette played in 29 games and averaged .269.

Smetana averaged .257 in 37 games.

Benny Boyles was 11-4 for Norfolk in 1931. He was bought by Oklahoma City for the 1932 season.

Otto Davis returned to the mound for the 1931 season. He had a 16-8 record for the Elks.

Luke Bucklin was 2-2, Arthur Houser was 7-8, Tony Johnson was 1-5 and Alvin Nusser was 5-7 for the Elks.

James Cameron came to Norfolk after a 19-2 record for McCook in 1930. He was 4-11 in 1931.

McKain was 9-8.

Arthur Pregel was 4-2.

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