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The Elks scored a working agreement with the Yankees for 1937. This agreement would come to fruition in the next few years as they took the league in 1939, 1940 and 1941.

They wound up in fourth place in 1937, 31 games out of first. In a league with 30 players averaging over .300 Norfolk did not have a regular who averaged over .300.


First base for the Elks in 1937 was held by J. Hamilton He averaged .273 and had 21 stolen bases.

In the dirt at second base was Wendell Finders. He was the best second base fielder in the league and averaged .286 for the season.

The hot corner for 1937 saw Jas Davis for most of the year. He averaged .288.

Short stop Ed Benedict played in over 100 games and was involved in a league leading 51 double plays and a .274 average.

Behind the mask for the Elks was Eddie Gibbs He averaged .261.
Relieving Gibbs for 37 games was Martin Mielke. His .198 average kept him from having more appearances.

The garden in 1937 saw a few regulars and a lot of players who were tried at the position.
Don Launer played in 102 games and averaged .262.
Ed Warnet tended the garden for 58 games and averaged .304.
Ned Tighe was plied his trade in the outfield for 37 games. He averaged .282.
Hilliard Rose averaged .276 in 54 games.
Jos. Schneider averaged .143 in 11 games.
Robert Danford played in 10 games and had a .242 average.
Harold Jaros was tried for 10 games and averaged .233.

Steve Luby played in 26 games at various positions and averaged .172.

Osborne Jacobsen led the team with a 3.62 ERA. He appeared in 25 games and had an 8-10 record.

Ken Jacobsen was 14-5 with a 3.75 ERA>

Maurice Engels played in 32 games and had a 10-10 record.

Harry Kessler was another right hander on the staff. He started 23 games and had a 6-12 record.

Albert Parr was 0-4 in 12 appearances.

Dave Arnold played in 9 games and was 2-3 for the year.

Rufus Ransdal was 2-4 in 8 games.

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