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North Platte was a second division club for the entire year of 1931. With few returning starters and the veterans who were assigned to North Platte did not help the the team. Bart Green was unable to get North Platte on the right side of the win column.


Vaughn played in 75 games and averaged .356.

Washington Seelman had been optioned to Des Moines at the end of the 1930 season. He played in North Platte for 20 games in 1931 and averaged .284.

Perry Miller averaged .284 in 108 games.

Russell played in 20 games and averaged .252.

H. Owen was the regular catcher in 1931. He averaged .325 in 79 games.

Lawrence Dutra caught a number of games and averaged .300 for the year.

Gene Williams tended the garden for the Buffaloes and averaged .342 in 80 games.

Carl Geist averaged .297 in 48 games. He started with McCook in 1929. He played for Beatrice in 1933 and 1934.


Al Trapp was an 18 year old rookie in 1931. He had a 6-7 record in 17 appearances.

Benny Boyles was their best pitcher in 1931. He was 11-4 in 26 gmaes. He was sold to Oklahoma City and pitched in the Western League in 1932.

Frank Freesmeier moved from Norfolk to North Platte for the 1931 season. He was 7-5.

McKain was 9-8 and pitched for North Platte, York, Norfolk and Lincoln.

Gale had a 7-6 record.

Harlan Stowers was 806 in 1931.

Howard West was 9-11.

Richards was 1-4. L.C Winstead appeared in 10 games and was 2-3.

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