Nebraska Minor League Baseball
Nebraska State League
The Nebraska State League was resurrected in 1928. It was a class "D" league. Minor league structure during this time included "AA", "A", "B", "C" and "D" leagues.
In 1934 the league was a four team league with the Lincoln Links winning both halves of the season.

Nebraska State League 1934
President: Roy Carter
Standings Wins--- Losses- GB
Lincoln Links 69 41 --
Norfolk Elks 60 49 8 ½
Sioux Falls Canaries 50 60 19
Beatrice Blues 38 67 28 ½

BA: Buck Ewing, Norfolk, .360
Runs: Frank Morehouse, Lincoln, 99
Hits: George Slivey, Norfolk, 143
HRs: Bill Swinger, Beatrice, 14
Wins: Jack Farmer, Norfolk, 19
SOs: Tom Seats, Lincoln, 221
ERA: Nelson Potter, Lincoln, 1.71

Nelson Potter, a right hander from Mount Morris Illinois, led the league in ERA for 1934. He made it to the Cardinals in the spring of 1936 and played for 12 years in the majors. He is the only major league pitcher to be suspended for throwing a spit ball. In 1944 he was suspended for 10 days while pitching for the Browns.

Tom Seats led the league in strike outs with 221 for the year and had a record of 10-8 in 31 games. His contract was purchased by St. Louis at the end of the year. In 1940 he had a short stint with Detroit in the American League where he was 2-2 with 26 appearances. He played for many years in the Pacific Coast League. In 1944 he beat Sacramento in both ends of a double-header, pitching a shutout in both games. That led to a year with the Brooklyn Dodgers. In 1945 he was 10-7 for the Dodgers in 31 games

Bennie Warren, a catcher for Norfolk, was a Nebraska League All Star in both 1934 and 1935. He made his major league debut in late 1939 at 37 years of age. He played in the majors from 39-41 and from 1946-1947.

All Star Team 1934
George Silvey Norfolk First Base
Genzlinger Lincoln Second Base
Phillips Lincoln Third Base
Bertram NorfolkShort Stop
Buck Ewing NorfolkLeft Field
Rohde Sioux Falls Center Field
George Proost BeatriceRight Field
Bennie Warren NorfolkCatcher
Jack Farmer NorfolkPitcher
Tom Seats Lincoln Pitcher
Bill Swinger BeatriceUtility

The Nebraska State League had a unique relationship with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1934. St. Louis gave financial support to the league and in return had first choice of any of the players in the league. In some respects the entire league was a "farm" team of the Cardinals.

The Washington Post mentioned that a number of graduates of the Ray Donn Baseball School made their way from Hot Springs Arkansas to the NSL for the 1934 season. At the end of the season the New York Times reported that Tom Seats, Darrell Genzlinger and Ray Zimmerman from Lincoln were all signed to St. Louis Cardinal contracts as was Sioux Falls regular Eph Lobaugh. In all, the Cardinals signed at least 12 players from the NSL and assigned them to higher classification clubs for the 1935 season.

Lincoln Links 1934

Norfolk Elks 1934

Beatrice Blues 1934

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