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Western League "D"

The Nebraska State League changed its name to the Western League as the former league folded. It was a class "D" league like the NSL while the former Western League was a class "A" league.
1941 was the last year for this iteration of the league. The league took on a Western League atmosphere as Denver and Pueblo joined the league. The Western League would restart as a class "A" league at the end of the war and the Nebraska State League would be resurrected in 1956 for a four year run.
In the first round of playoffs Norfolk took Sioux City and Pueblo beat Cheyenne 3 games to 2. Pueblo took the playoff championship from Norfolk by three games to two.

Western League (NSL)
Standings 1941
President: Roy Carter
Standings Wins--- Losses- GB
Norfolk Yankees (NYY) 64 44 --
Cheyenne Indians 59 44 2 ½
Sioux City Soos (STL) 54 56 6
Pueblo Rollers (STB) 52 54 6
Sioux Falls Canaries 51 56 7 ½
Denver Bears 42 68 18

BA: Bernard Steele, Pueblo, .383
Runs: Bernard Steele, Pueblo, 88
Hits: Bernard Steele, Pueblo 158
RBI's: Frank Bocek, Norfolk, 92
HRs: Mel Bergman, Cheyenne, 10
Wins: George Milstead, Cheyenne, 19
SOs: Robert Bergen, Pueblo, 183
ERA: Frank Wagner, Sioux Falls, 2.15

Western League (Class "D") All Stars


Norfolk Yankees 1941

Norfolk was the class of the league in 1941. With player support from the Yankees, the Norfolk team had the players and the coaches necessary to carry the day.

Ray Powell was the manager for the Norfolk team in 1941. Originally from Siloam Springs Arkansas, he started his career with Bartlesville in 1908. He played for Detroit in 1913, and for Boston (NL) from 1917 through 1924. He also played for St. Joseph, Providence, Houston, Shawnee and Quincy during his career. He started managing in 1929 with Shawnee and was 52 years old when he managed at Norfolk.


Western League All Star

Born in Brunswick Nebraska, Vern Hoscheit was one of two all stars on the Yankees in 1941. Originally from Brunswick NE, he was signed by the Yankees as a free agent. He spent 12 years in the minors. These included class "AAA" Kansas City in 1947 and Joplin Missouri, MacAlester Oklahoma and Quincy Illinois. In 1955 he was Quincy's catcher and general manager. Details of his amazing career can be found here.

After his playing days, he went on to a long career as a very successful manager and he was president of the III league from 1960-1961. After 13 years of minor league managing he worked in the system as a scout and minor league coordinator.

In 1977, he returned to Nebraska and moved to Plainview where he coached the local legion team. He returned to coach the Met's rookie league team in Florida in 1983, the coached for the Met's from 1984-1987. After his managing days he retired to Plainview. He died in 2007 in a nursing home in Pierce NE and is buried in Plainview.

Topps 1973
Vern Hoscheit coach

Frank Bocek played in 101 games and averaged .345.

Fred Hanis was a 22 year old. He played in 107 games and averaged .299.

Joe Muffoletto was a 20 year old in 1941. He played in 108 games and averaged .243. In 1942 he averaged .331 for Fond du Lac. He returned to professional ball in 1946. He played for Beaumont for one year and Kansas City for four.

Eugene Ready played for Norfolk and Joplin during the year. He played in 104 games and averaged .300 for Norfolk and averaged .471 in a handfull of games for Joplin.

Harold Loewe played in 94 games and the 19 year old averaged .282.

Robert Alford averaged .272 in 97 games.

Ralph Rosengarten was the leading pitcher for Norfolk in 1941. He had a 15-5 record.

Walter Nasalik was 13-7 in 28 games.

Jim Dyck was a 19 year old from Omaha in 1941. He had a 9-6 record. He moved to 3rd base after the war and played through the 1961 season. He made it to the big leagues in 1951 with the St. Louis Browns. He played for the Browns, Indians, Orioles and Reds in his 7 year major league career. He played 2 seasons in the PCL when it was an "open" classification, 10 years in AAA ball, 3 in AA ball, 2 in class "A", 1 in class "B", one in class "C" and 2 in class "D".

Russell Messerly was 6-2 for Norfolk in 1941.

Leon Fiderlick was 7-5.

Robert Weyrauch was 3-0, Meyer Buntz ws 8-11. Harold Caskey was 1-2, Dale Johnson was 1-7 and Richard Linnell was 1-1.

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