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Omaha Rourkes



Western League Standings 1906
Standings Wins----- Losses--- GB
Des Moines Champions 97 50 --
Lincoln Ducklings 75 74 23
Omaha Rourkes 73 74 24
Sioux City Packers 69 81 29 ½
Denver Grizzlies 68 81 30
Pueblo Indians 63 85 34 ½

Like most Western League teams in 1906 the Rourkes had a seven players who either played or would play in the major leagues. They also had a core of players who played for the Rourkes for many seasons. Unlike today, the minor leagues were not just a stepping stone in a players progression to the majors.

The Rourkes were good, but they were not in the class of the Des Moines franchise.


Thirty three year old Joe Dolan averaged .274 in 132 games at first. Originally from Baltimore he played in the majors from 1896 through 1901. He settled in Omaha and played for Pa's teams from 1902 through 1907. After his playing career ended in 1913 he settled in Omaha.

Ivan Howard handled the second base chores in 1906. He averaged .254 in 120 games. In 1909 he followed Horace's advice and moved west to play in the Pacific Coast League. In 1914 he made it to the show, playing 2 years with the Browns and two at Cleveland. He then went back to the left coast where he played through the 1925 season.

George Parring was a young man from Sharon Wisconsin in his first year of professional ball. The hot corner artist played for Cleveland in the American League from 1908 through 1910 and in the Federal League in 1914 and 1915. He averaged .295 in 150 games.

Herman Long played 69 games for Omaha, mostly at short. He averaged .213. He also played for 21 games for Toronto in the Eastern League. He started his major league career in 1899 with Kansas City in the American Association. He had a long National League career with Boston, playing with them from 1890 through 1903. His last major league appearance was with Philadelphia in 1904.

Louis Runkle also played short for Pa in 1906. He played in 102 games total and averaged .248.

Ed Lawler played in 11 games and averaged .175.

John Bassey tended the garden for 149 games and averaged. .265. He then moved west and played in the PCl from 1907-1911.

Harry Welch played in 150 games and averaged .344. He was a fixture in Omaha, playing from 1903-1906 and 1909-1910.

Robert Carter was another fixture in Omaha playing for Pa from 1902 through 1906. He averaged .197 in 90 games in 1906.

Chick Autry played 96 games with Webb City and 51 games for Omaha in 1906. He averaged .311 in Omaha. He had a cup of coffee with the Reds in 1907 and split time between the Browns and the Reds in 1909. After playing for St. Paul for five years he moved to the PCL and played there through the 1917 season.

Johnny Gonding played in Omaha for 11 years. A catcher, he played in 111 games in 1906 and averaged .226.

Frand Rogers played in 40 games and averaged .119.

John Bender caught 33 games and played in 69 games. He averaged .290.


The leading pitcher for Pa in 1906 was War Sanders He had a 21-1 record in 1906. He played for Omaha from 1903-1910. He had a cup of coffee with the Cardinals in April of 1903 and again in 1904.

Joe Koukalik was 3-6 in 1906. He pitched 8 innings in the majors with Brooklyn in 1904.

Harry Corns Was 13-17.

Willard Dodge was 14-19.

Harris McNeeley was a 31 year old who managed a 22-16 record.

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