Nebraska Minor League Baseball
Omaha Rourkes

Western League Standings 1910
Standings Wins----- Losses--- GB
Sioux City Packers 108 60 --
Denver Grizzlies 102 65 6 ½
Lincoln Railsplitters 95 71 12
Wichita Jobbers 89 78 18 ½
Omaha Rourkes 84 82 23
St. Joseph Drummers 76 91 31 ½
Des Moines Boosters 72 96 36
Topeka Jayhawks 42 125 65 ½

HRs: Thomas, Lincoln, 22
Stolen Bases: Corridon, Omaha, 63

The Rourkes in 1910 were playing their last games in the old Rourke park on Vinton Street. In 1911 the park would be completely refurbished with new stands and bleachers. The Rourkes played over .500 for the year but could not catch Sioux City and wound up in fifth place for the year.

The league scheduled 168 games for the year starting in early April and running through October 3rd.

Jim Kane held down first base for the year and averaged .283 for the year. Originally from Pennsylvania, Jim settled in Omaha after a short stint in the majors in 1908.

Flood averaged .195 at second base with Graham and Acock sharing time in the dirt at second.

Moriarty averaged .262, playing at third and , Schipke averaged .246.

In the dirt at shortstop was Corridon and he averaged .308, while Kneaves played 30 games at the position.

Gonding averaged .252 while playing behind the mask for 106 games. Cadman also played the position during the 168 game season.

Harry Welch played the garden for 105 games and averaged .260 for the year. He was also fifth in the league in home runs with 12 for the year. The Omaha native was traded by Pa Rourke to Sioux City in February 1911.

King played in 134 games and averaged .313.

Riggert averaged .331 in 62 games.

Schoonover played in 38 games and averaged .280.

Shotten played in 54 games and averaged .236.

Cadman played in 101 games and averaged .342.

Melter was a workhorse for the Rourkes in 1910. He managed a 17-18 record.

Fentress was 3-6 for the year.

Saunders managed a 3-3 record.

Charlie Rhodes was second in the league with a 17-5 record in 31 games. He also had 134 k's for the season. The Caney Kansas native played a few games in the major leagues with St. Louis in 1906, 1908 and 1909.

Stowers was 8-14 in 1910.

Keeley had a 16-19 record for the season.

Hollenbeck was 14-11 for the Rourkes.


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