Nebraska Minor League Baseball
Omaha Buffaloes
Western League Standings 1925
President: Al Tearney
Standings Wins----- Losses--- GB
Des Moines Demons 98 70 --
Denver Bears 97 71 1
Oklahoma City Indians 88 76 8
Wichita Izzies 80 84 16
St. Joseph Saints 77 87 19
Tulsa Oilers 75 91 21 ½
Omaha Buffaloes 74 89 22
Lincoln Links 70 91 24 ½
BA:Frank Osborn, Omaha, .372
Hits:Frank Osborn, Omaha, 245
Triples:Wally (Skinny) Shaner, Lincoln, 30

The year was one of organizational controversy. League owners were deadlocked 4 to 4 on votes to remove president Al Tearney. Tearney did not live in the Western League region and was basically an absentee president. There were a number of controversial fines and suspensions after the vote. It appeared that those clubs who voted to oust Tearney suffered the brunt of his decisions for the rest of the year.

Another dispute over the salary cap boiled over during the year. Lawrence Arnold, from Los Angeles owned the Links. In early September he charged that both Des Moines and Denver were well over the monthly salary limit of $5,500. Arnold had bought the franchise in June of 1924 and was dismayed by the way the league did not enforce the salary limit. Many of the franchises were struggling financially including Lincoln. The St. Joseph franchise had trouble meeting payroll and a number of attempts were made to move the franchise.

Eventually Tearney was removed at the end of the season. The salary limit was reduced for the 1926 season but no action was taken concerning those clubs who were over the limit.

Art Griggs returned as manager for 1925 but he could not continue the championship success of 1924. He personally had a great year batting .337 while playing in 134 games. The Topeka Kansas native moved back to the PCL with Seattle for the 1926 season.


Frank Osborn was the leading hitter in the Western League in 1925. The left handed hitter from Weatherby Missouri hit .372 for the year. He started his professional career with Barrow Oklahoma in 1919 and was promoted to Chattanooga in 1920. He was in Tampa in 1921, New Haven in 1922 and 1923 and Seattle in 1924. Seattle farmed him to Omaha then sold him to Omaha for 1925. He was named to the 2nd team of the Western League All Stars.

Texan John Monroe joined the team in 1925 in the infield. He played in 142 games and averaged .342. He started his career at Baumont Texas in 1920 and played in 60 major league games in 1921 with New York and Philadelphia in 1921. He then made stops in New Orleans and Houston before his year in Omaha. Like many players the lure of the west coast proved irrestable. He moved west to the PCL. He played for Sacramento, Mission and Portland through the 1933 season. He finished his playing career with Kansas City and Little rock in 1934.

Jim O'Neill averaged .310 as a regular in the infield. The 32 year old from Pennsylvania played for Omaha for three years. He played for Washington in the American League in 1920 and again in 1923.

Tony Defate played short and averaged .314 for the year. Born in Kansas City, he started his professional career in 1916 with Topeka. He had a cup of coffee with St. Louis and with Detroit in 1917. He played professional ball through the 1931 season.

Catcher for the Buffaloes was Fred Wilder. He was a first team Western League All Star and averaged .319 for the year. He was a regular in Omaha from 1922 through 1925. He moved to Shreveport in 1926.

RoyLuebbe caught 51 games and averaged .370. The Parkersburg Iowa native started his professional career in 1924 with Omaha. At the end of the year he was picked up by the Yankees and played 8 games with the Yankees in August and September. He played in Asheville, Charlotte, Waco and Atlanta through the 1932 season. He retired in Nebraska and died in Papillion in 1985.

Kedzi Kirkham played 56 games in the outfield and averaged .294. He played from 1911 through the 1930 season in professional ball. His last year was with Grand Island in the Nebraska State League in 1930.

Joe Kelly averaged .323 while tending the garden in 1925. The Wier City Kansas native started his career with Tulsa in 1908. He played for Boston (NL), Chicago (NL) and Pittsburg from 1913 through 1919.


Harris was 18-13 for the year.

Joyce was 18-16 in 1925.

Bill Bailey was 17-19. He was originally from Fort Smith Arkansas. He was a regular in the major leagues from 1907-1922. This was the 37 year old pitcher's last season in professional ball.

Lee managed a 4-12 record and Oldham was 5-1 for the year.

Buzz Wetzel was born in Jay Oklahoma. He had a 0- record for Omaha in 1925. He had a cup of coffee with Philadelphia (AL) in 1927.

John Glaiser was 3-8 in 1925. The 30 year old from Yoakum Texas played in Omaha in 1921 and 1925. He played in 8 games for Detroit in 1920.


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