Fred Appleby Baseball Field
O'Neill Nebraska

O'Neill Nebraska baseball stadium


Fred Appleby Field is in Schaffer Park. It is on the north side of town. Fred Appleby was a long time baseball coach in O'Neill. He coached Pony League, Midget, Junior Legion and the O'Neill town team. He also ran the class "B" Junior Legion State Tournament for a number of years. ONeill Stands


ONeill Nebraska Baseball entrance It is obvious that O'Neill has the full support of the town for baseball. The number of sponsor banners is amazing. The signs are everywhere but do not detract from the baseball experience.
The infield is what you would expect from a first class facility. Nice grass, well manicured and the outfield is similar in its quality. The press box is spacious and the place could hold a large crowd. The legion press box also has radio booths built into the facility. The field is home to the local American Legion team and to a local town semi-pro team. infield at O'Neill Nebraska


ONeill Nebraska Baseball entrance ONeill Nebraska Baseball entrance


ONeill Nebraska Baseball entrance O'Neill is a town of about 4,000 people but it has all the amenities of a town twice its size. It has six parks, multiple baseball and softball diamonds and a number of retail stores. Nebraska's Irish Capital has a good mixture of new and well maintianed early 1900's buildings. While we were there the town was exceptionally clean.


ONeill Nebraska Baseball ONeill Nebraska Baseball
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O'Neill also has a long and storied history of town team baseball.

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