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The history of minor league baseball in Seward Nebraska is a short one. They were a charter member of the class "D" Nebraska State League in 1910. The local paper called them the "White Sox" but most baseball reference books use the moniker "Statesmen". The team lasted until the spring of 1913. A tornado led to the eventual demise of the team. The team moved to Beatrice for the 1913 season.
Seward Nebraska
After the tornado 1913


With Concordia College as the educational centerpiece of the town, Seward is a vibrant community. The visit to Seward was ill timed as the library was in the process of being moved from the original Carnegie Library to a new library nearby. The library was cramped, poorly lighted and the media equipment was on its last legs. The new library is quite an improvement and a nice addition to the community.
Original Carnegie Library
Seward Nebraska
The new library in Seward was close to being completed when we visited. The microfilm of the Seward Democrat is not in very good shape. A lot of the pages were not scanned very well and some of the film is very dark.
Library Seward Nebraska

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