Nebraska Minor League Baseball
Western League Standings 1900
Standings Wins----- Losses--- GB
Denver Bears 61 44 --
Des Moines Hawkeyes 59 45 1 ½
Sioux City Cornhuskers 49 48 8
Omaha Omahogs 51 53 9 ½
St. Joseph Saints 51 58 12
Pueblo Indians 41 64 20

BA: Hines, Des Moines, .337
Hits: Dakin Miller, Kansas City, 153
HR's Dave Brain, St. Joseph, 13
Runs: Bill Hartman, Kansas City, 101
Wins: Henry Maupin, St. Joseph, 31
SO's: Fred Glade, Des Moines, 196
ERA: Parvin, Sioux City, 3.41
Pct: Bob Ewing, Kansas City, .808, 21-5

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Ban Johnson discards the Western League moniker in favor of calling his new league "American Leauge" as he declares his new league a major league in competition with the established National League. The six cities discarded by Mr. Johnson form the Western League. As a point of interest it is noted that Des Moines is the only club which participated in every class "A" version of the Western League.

William Baer was a 26 year old from Buckeystown MD.
William Zink was from Iowa. He played for Rock Island in 1901. After playing for teams in Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota he wound up with Seward in 1911 in the Nebraska State League.

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