Nebraska Minor League Baseball
Western League Standings 1901
Standings Wins----- Losses--- GB
Kansas City Blues 79 44 --
St. Paul Saints 69 54 10
St. Joseph Saints 69 58 12
Denver Grizzles 60 69 17
Omaha Omahogs 61 62 18
Minneapolis Millers 56 62 20 ½
Des Moines 48 75 31
Colorado Springs Millionaires 45 73 31 ½

BA: Frank Hemphill, Colorado Springs, .332
Runs: Bill Hartman, Kansas City, 101
Hits: Dakin Miller, Kansas City, 153
HR's: Dave Brain, Saint Paul, 13
Wins: Henry Maupin, Saint Joseph, 31
SO's: Fred Glade, Des Moines, 196
Pct: Bob Ewing, Kansas City, 21-5, .808


Kansas City and Minneapolis are dropped by the American League and they join the Western League for the 1901 season. St. Paul also joins the league as it expands to eight teams.

At the end of the season Thomas Jefferson Hickey tries to split the league into two leagues. The Milwaukee franchise in the American League moves to St. Louis and Mr. Hickey sees the opportunity to form a new minor league. Eventually the American Association is formed and Kansas City, Minneapolis and St Paul move to the new league.

On May 5 1901 Omaha is playing Des Moines. Frank Genins of Omaha struck out in the bottom of the ninth on a wild pitch. The catcher does not catch the ball. It bounces off the the plate, caromed off the catcher's shoulder and came to rest on the top of the grandstand.
Umpire McDermott surveyed the situation and ruled the ball "out of bounds". This gave Frank Genins the equivalent of a home run. Omaha wins the game when one of their players strikes out in the ninth inning.


Oscar Graham was a Plattsmouth Nebraska native who pitched for Pa's team in 1901 and 1902. He had a 6-10 record in 1901. He also played for Rock Island in the III league in 1901 where he had a 1-8 record.

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