Nebraska Minor League Baseball
Western League Standings 1928
Standings Wins
(1st half-2nd half)
(1st half-2nd half)
Oklahoma City Indians 51-44 29-38 First Half Champions
Pueblo Steel Workers 45-40 36-42
Wichita Larks 42-52 38-32
Tulsa Oilers 43-53 39-30 Second Half Champions
Denver Bears 41-40 41-43
Amarillo Texans 36-24 39-54
Omaha Crickets 32-39 46-40
Des Moines Demons 28-34 50-48

Playoffs Tulsa beat Oklahoma City
4 games to 1

BA: Joe Munson, Tulsa, .385
Hits: Stroner, Wichita, 255
Runs: Joe Munson, Tulsa, 171
HR's: Stroner, Wichita, 42
Wins: Barney Bornholdt, Oklahoma City, 24
SO's: Barney Bornholdt, Oklahoma City, 154

After the runaway by Tulsa in 1927 the league went to a split season. This lasted for one year. Oklahoma City won the first half crown and Tulsa the second. Tulsa won the playoffs four games to one.

Lincoln dropped out of the Western League and was replaced by Pueblo. In 1928 they would be a charter member in the new Nebraska State League.


Western League All Star
Fred "Snake" Henry batted .347 and was named an all star at first base. He played in 158 games and participated in a triple play during the year. Snake was from North Carolina. He played a short time with Boston in the National League in 1922 and 1923.

Second base for the Crickets was James. He was a regular in the infield dirt and averaged .323 for the year.

Short stop for 1928 was held down by Routh. He averaged .266 in 138 games.

Behind the glove at the hot corner was Clarence Hetherly. He averaged .291 and led the league with 38 steals.

Western League All Star
Irving "Jack" Burns was named an all star at catcher for 1928. He averaged .314 for the Crickets. The 20 year old made it to the majors in 1930 with the Browns. He played in the majors through the 1936 season.

DutchWetzel was a regular in the garden and averaged .345. He led the league with 61 doubles. The Indiana native had a cup of coffee in 1920 and 1921 with the Browns. He was 34 years old in 1928.
Donohue joined Wetzel in the outfield. He averaged .335.
Harvel played 82 games in the outfield and was third in the league in steals with 28. He averaged .352.


Western League All Star
Max Thomas was named to the all star team as a pitcher. He had a 15-15 record in 37 games with 116 k's.

Tinning pitched in 48 games and had a 13-13 record.

Pea Ridge Day appeared in 52 games. The ironman for the Crickets was 17-18 for the year and had 126 strike outs. He led the league in innings pitched (313) and his 18 losses was second in the league. He was born in Pea Ridge Arkansas. He made it to the majors in 1924 with St. Louis in 1924. He played in 3 major league games in 1924, 17 in 1925, 4 in 1926 and 22 in 1931.

F. Newton was 2-6 in 30 games.

Other pitchers for Omaha in 1928 included: Bass with a 1-4 record in 12 games, Priesmuth with 6 appearances and a 1-3 record, Wilson was in 8 games and had a 2-3 record, Tipple took to the mound 5 times and had a 1-1 record, Lang was in 14 games and was 2-1 and Crandall was 2-1 in 7 games.

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