Nebraska Minor League Baseball
Western League Standings 1929
Standings Wins----- Losses--- GB
Tulsa Oilers 95 66 --
Oklahoma City Indians 88 68 4 ½
Omaha Crickets 81 75 11 ½
Wichita Aviators 77 79 15 ½
Denver Bears 73 81 18 ½
Topeka Jayhawks 75 85 19 ½
Des Moines Demons 72 86 21 ½
Pueblo Steelworkers 69 90 25


First base for the Crickets in 1929 was Bill Windle . He played in 151 games and averaged .342. The 24 year old from Galena Kansas played in three major league games with Pittsburg in 1928 and 1929.

Second base for Omaha was held down by Moore. He averaged .264 for the season.

At the hot corner was Williams . He played in 136 games and averaged .293.

Short stop for the Crickets was Faber.

The catcher for Omaha in 1929 was Elwood Vernon "Kettle" Wirts. The catcher averaged .306 for the year. He had a cop of coffee with Chicago during four seasons in the early 20's.

Omaha had a hard slugging group in the outfield in 1929. Leading the group was Griffin with a .334 average.

Anderson averaged .273 in 125 games and Najo averaged .316.

John "Slim" McGrew led the Crickets with a 24-10 record in 42 games. John was a 24 year old 6'2" right hander from Yoakum Texas. He broke into professional ball in 1927 with Omaha. . His brother Walter Howard "Slim" McGrew played for the Washington Senators from 1922-1924. Walter was the tallest player of his time in professional baseball. Various sources listed Walter at 6' 5" to 6' 7.5". John's performance in 1929 attracted the attention of Connie Mack. According to the Sporting News (09/12/1929) his contract was acquired by the Athletics for the 1930 season. John returned to Yoakum Texas during the offseason and did not report to the Athletics in the spring.

Bud Tinning was 9-12 in 35 games. Born in Pilger Nebraska he made it to the majors in 1932 with Chicago (NL). He pitched in the majors for 4 years.

Tutwiler was 16-14 in 40 games. I think this is the Elmer Tutwiler from Carbon Hill Alabama who pitched in two games for Pittsburg in 1928.

Bartholomew was 12-12 in 40 games. I think this is the Les Barhololmew from Madison Wisconsin who pitched for Pittsburg in 1928 and Chicago White Sox in 1932.

Lyons was 4-1 in 14 games.

Collier was 1-1 in 10 games.

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