Nebraska Minor League Baseball
Western League
Omaha Packers (Birch Rods) 1931
By 1931 the number of minor leagues had dwindled dramatically. There were only 19 minor leagues left. Three double "A" leagues and three "A" leagues were in existance.

In April, Joe Engel signed a seventeen year old girl, Jackie Mitchell as a pitcher for the Southern League. She pitched in one exhibition game. A few days later Judge Landis ruled her contract void as he stated that life in baseball was too strenuous for women.

Western League Standings 1931
President:Dale Gear
Standings Wins----- Losses--- GB
Des Moines Demons 94 51 --
Wichita Aviators 92 58
St. Joseph Saints 79 64
Pueblo Braves 76 69
Oklahoma City Indians 79 80
Denver Bears 64 77
Topeka Senators 58 86
Omaha Packers 49 79

BA:Stan Keys, Des Moines, .369
Runs:Arky Vaughn, Wichita, 145
Hits:Stan Keyes, Des Moines, 203
RBIs:Stan Keyes, Des Moines, 140
HRs:Stan Keyes, Des Moines, 38
Wins:Bud Tinning, Des Moines, 24
SOs:Rufus Meadows, Topeka, 177
ERA:Bud Tinning, Des Moines, 3.14

The league went to a split season again in 1931. Wichita won the first half 44-27 and Des Moines won the second 55-25. Des Moines won the playoffs 4 games to two. Omaha was next to last for the first half and in last place the second half.

Omaha was so bad that they lost both ends of a double header to Des Moines 29-6 and 22-9. During this series in September Omaha lost all five games. Scores of 16-5, 12-2 before the double header and 18-5 to end the series. A cumulative 97-27 in runs scored in a five game streak of losses. Stanley Keyes of Des Moines had 15 hits and 23 rbi's during the series.

Omaha did not place one player on the all star team in 1931.

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