Nebraska Minor League Baseball
Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas League (MINK)
Auburn Athletics 1911

The Auburn Athletics was one of the original franchises in the MINK league. The 1911 season started on a high note as the city built a new grand stand for the team.

They spent May and June between third and fourth place in the league. In July they fell to sixth place then went on a tear and by early August they were in second. They played tough ball till the end of the season and wound up in third for the year.

Leading hitter for Auburn was Ed Bright with a .308 average. He played for Auburn in 1910, 1911 and 1912 and played for Norfolk in the Nebraska State League in 1914.

While many teams went through 3 or even 4 players at the infield positions, Auburn had a very stable infield. Their four infielders all played in at least 90 games in 1911.

First base saw Steve Brewer returning for the 1911 season. He was second on the team in hitting with a .301 average. After the 1912 season he played for Dubuque and Peoria in 1914. )

Second base was William Stillwell. He averaged .276 in 79 games. He was with Newton and Dallas in 1909 and Newton in 1910..

Third base was another returnee from 1910. Les Bright . He averaged .274 in 92 games.

Returning to play shortstop was Ledger "L.D." Free . He averaged .252 in 98 games.


Jake Kraninger was the regular catcher for Auburn in 1911. He averaged .226 for the year.



E. A. Dygert tended the garden for 98 games in 1911 and averaged .275.

Ed Bright was in the outfield for 89 games. He also played for Auburn in 1910.

Philip Primley returned for the 1911 season. He completed the outfield trio and played in 99 games and averaged .283.

John Musser averaged .258 in 23 games behind the mask.


Leading pitcher in the league was Verne Hirsch with a 22-13 record. He had an unreal 25-19 record in 1910 and was the iron man again for Auburn in 1911.

Charlie Wheatley from Rosedale Kansas was 6-2 for Auburn in 1911. He played for Springfield in 1912 and managed a 4-8 record. He was promoted to Detroit at the end of the season. He pitched in 5 major league games and had a 1-4 record.

Zonderman managed a 16-16 record in 1911.

Ted Macon had a 9-4 record for the Athletics.

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