Nebraska Minor League Baseball
Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas League (MINK)

Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas League
Standings 1911
President: T. A. Wilson, Fredrick Carey
Standings Wins----- Losses--- GB
Maryville Comets/Humboldt Infants 59 41 --
Falls City Colts 57 43 2
Auburn Athletics 52 48 7
Shenandoah Pin Rollers 49 51 10
Clarinda Antelopes 43 57 16
Nebraska City Forresters 40 60 19

Maryville moved to Humboldt early in the season
BA:Joe Striker, Clarinda Antelopes .349
Runs:Les Mann, Nebraska City Forresters, 78
Hits:Joe Striker, Nebraska City Forresters, 128
Wins:Walter Hirsch, Auburn Athletics, 22
Pct:Jay Errett, Humboldt, .800, 8-2

Les Mann was a 17 year old from Lincoln who led the MINK league in runs scored. In 1913 he made it to the major leagues playing for Boston in the national league. His career lasted until 1928. In 16 seasons he had a lifetime average of .282.

Nebraska City Forresters
Auburn Athletics
Falls City Colts
Humbolt Infants

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