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Nebraska City Forresters 1911



In 1911 over 35 players tried out for the Nebraska City team. Daniel "Captain" Nee was selected to pare the number down to the league limit. Robert Miller and Turk Richter returned to the home of Arbor Day to try their luck again with the team. A local business allowed the team to use their new "shower baths" after practice.

The Nebraska City franchise remained in last place in the league. They had a rotating roster for most of the year with the manager trying many people at most positions during the year.


First base for 1911 was handled by Green for 42 games. He averaged .291. He also played 15 games for Kearney in 1911.

Daniel Nee was from Thayer Missouri. He was the manager in 1911, played in 23 games and averaged .244.

The rest of the infield was a revolving door.
O'Byrne played in 33 games and averaged .223, Woodruff played in 42 and averaged .263, and Phillips played the infield for 20 games and averaged .243. Nemow was around for 16 games, Hellerich for 25, McKee was there for 26 games and Clemmons played 21 games at short and 65 games overall. He averaged .316 for the season.

E. Pinkerton caught 45 games and averaged .250, Noles caught 28 and averaged .276 and H. Bradley caught in 17 games and averaged .258.


Les Mann was an seventeen year old ball player who grew up in Lincoln. In the spring of 1911 he won five individual titles in the state high school track meet then went to Nebraska City to play ball. He was second in the league in batting averaging .328 in 95 games. He also led the league in runs scored. He made it to the major leagues in 1913 and played for 16 seasons.

Wallice Hicklin was in the garden for 96 games and averaged .317.

Wilson played in 21 games and Herman was in the garden for 21 games.

John Herman averaged .253 in 21 games.


The Forresters also had a bunch of pitchers in 1911. Carson was 3-2, Paul Williford was 11-9, Wells ws 7-11, Rasson was 3-9, Miller was 3-8 and Hayes managed a 4-4 record for the year.

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