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Humboldt Infants 1911

In the spring of 1911 Humboldt high school celebrated its 25th anniversary. Ten students graduated from the high school and the First National Bank of Humboldt was over $30,000 in capital.

The big news of the summer was heralded on the front page of the Humboldt Standard on July 14th. The paper proclaimed the good news. The Maryville Comets were moving to Humboldt.

The first MINK league game in Humboldt was on July 17th. C. E. Nims threw out the first pitch and the Humboldt band played
Put on Your Old Gray Bonnett
Go Tell Aunt Nancy and
The Star Spangled Banner
in order to rev up the fans for their first home game.

L. J. Segrist was instrumental in bringing the team to Humboldt and he was a leading force on the Humboldt board of directors. The Humboldt Standard and the Falls City Journal called the Humboldt team the "Orphans". The Minor League Encyclopedia and other references called them the "Infants".

The Humboldt Orphans won the league championship with a 59-41 record in 1911. They went on a tear in August winning 5 out of 6 games in the first week of August. The streak propelled them to first place and they held on to win the league championship.

The town celebrated the club's championship with a celebration in the town square that lasted most of the night.

Town Square
Humboldt Nebraska
Current View
Photo courtesy of Eliza Portrait Design
Photogaphy Studio

Three different players played first base for the Infants in 1911. Jay Plankwas a 23 year old from Jetmore Kansas. He played in 26 games and averaged .302. Bacum handled the job for 56 games and averaged over .300; McBride was on the bag for 18 games and averaged .286.

The second base position was split between two players. Claude Cook averaged .301 and Bulger Walsh covered the bag for 37 games and averaged .327.

Herbert Sackett was a heavy hitter at short. He averaged over .300 in 52 games. J. Murphy alternated at the position and played in 48 games and averaged .299.

The hot corner in 1911 was handled by Joe Wintz. He averaged .271 in 86 games. He started with Maryville in 1910 and moved to Humboldt when the Maryville franchise folded. He played for Humboldt in 1912 and Waterloo in 1913 and 1914.

Behind the mask for the Infants/Orphans in 1911 was Benjamin Dietz. He put on the tools of ignorance for 80 games.


Gus DeCamp was a regular in the garden and was a .308 hitter for the year.

Homer Black played 49 games and averaged .326. He played for Beatrice in the Nebraska State League in 1914 and Lincoln in the Western League in 1922.

Griffin played in 98 games for the Orphans and averaged .277.

Joseph Oswalt pitched in 28 games and had a 16-12 record.

Jay Errett managed an 8-2 record in 10 appearances.

Southward was 14-9 for the season.

Wheatley had a 6-2 record.

Frank Justus moved from Superior in the Nebraska State League to Humboldt for 1911. He was 8-9 for the year.

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