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Auburn Athletics 1912

The year 1912 was one of ups and downs for the Auburn Athletics. They spent the month of May in third place. By late July they were in the hunt for the league championship. They were nudged out by Nebraska City in August and dropped behind Falls City the last week of the season. They wound up 59-41 for the year. 2 ½ games out of first.

For the year Auburn was first in fielding, second in team batting average and had three of the best pitchers in the league. In any other circumstances they would have won the league easily, but in 1912 a string of bad luck losses led to a third place finish.


Steve Brewer led the Athletics with a .336 average, second in the league. He was their regular at first base and led the league with 121 hits for the season. This was his third year at the position.

William Stillwell returned as a regular at second base. He was second on the team in batting with a .309 average for the year. Stillwell started his career in 1908 with the Flint Vehicles and after playing in Newton Kansas and Dallas in the Texas League made his way to Auburn for the 1911 and 1912 seasons.

Les Bright was at third base for his third year, and averaged .300 for the year.

Short stop for 1912 was Ledger "L.D." Free who averaged .287 for the year. He was also in his third year for Auburn.

The team alternated two catchers during the year with John Musser batting .227 and Jake Kraninger hitting .225 for the year.

Philip Primley started with the club in 1910. In 1912 he averaged .282.

Ed Bright returned for his third year at Auburn and averaged .275.

E A Dygert was in his second year with the club and averaged .214.

A. C."Verne" Willey led the league in wins in 1912 with a 22-9 record. He was also second in the league in strike outs with 191k's. In 1915 he played in the American Association for Minneapolis. He resurfaced in Nebraska in 1922, pitching for the Fairbury Jeffersons.

Bert Reed was 15-7 for the year. He also had over 100 strike outs for the year with 111k's.

George Zonderman led the league in strike outs with 195 k's for the year. He was 18-13 for the year.

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