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Holdrege Fairgrounds Basball Field
Holdrege Nebraska Baseball Diamond Holdrege entered the Nebraska State League in 1956. The team played at Holdrege Fairgrounds Park, one of the few parks without a grass infield. According to the Holdrege papers the infield was one of the worst in the area. What made the Holdrege infield so treacherous was in all the sand and gravel added to the dirt. The grandstands were also in less than perfect shape and all the glass windows had been broken during the winter by vandals. Before the season a new coat of paint was applied and the Bears logo from the towns NIL days on the outfield wall was replaced with the White Sox. The dugouts were upgraded with water fountains in each dugout. The fair board decided to add ticket booths at the entrance to the fair grounds instead of at the grandstands.
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The fairgrounds park was in reasonable condition at the start of the season thanks to a "clean up" day sponsored by the city, the work of the fairboard and the efforts of Russ Henderson.

On July 24th, 1956 the grandstand burned. The county board acted quickly to both acquire temporary bleachers and approve the construction of new stands at the park.

The current park is a nice facility with a large set of stands behind home plate, fresh flowers everywhere, a nice picnic area, and an above average PA system. The field now has a grass infield and is in excellent condition.

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