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McCook Braves 1956-1959

Although McCook was one of the smaller cities in the Nebraska State League in 1956 they were one of the best towns in terms of community support. They were second in season ticket sales with 741 and led the league in attendance with 32,224 fans in the stands in 1956.
They were second in attendance in 57, third in 58 and led the league in its last year of 1959. The team was managed by Bill Steinecke for all four years. He had played for a short time with Pittsburg and was a manager and scout for the Braves. He was instrumental in signing Elrod Hendricks from the Virgin Islands and Phil Niekro, both of whom played for Steinecke in McCook.
The Braves were a farm team of the Milwaukee Braves and their roster was made up of Braves rookie prospects. The team tied for second in 1956, 6 games behind. In 1957 they fell to sixth. In 58 they came close but finished one game behind North Platte in the final standings. They won the league in 1959, four games ahead of Holdrege.

Ron Hunt
McCook Braves 1959

McCook Braves 1956

McCook Braves 1957

McCook Braves 1958

McCook Braves 1959

Phil Niekro
McCook Braves 1959

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