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Brodstone Memorial Field
Brodstone Memorial Baseball field
Superior Memorial Brodstone Field
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Superior was a member of the Nebraska State League from 1910 through its demise in 1915. In 1956, Major League Baseball restarted the Nebraska State League as a "rookie" class "D" league. Superior was one of the members of the super hot semi-pro Nebraska State League and was chosen as one of the towns to host an NSL franchise. The town of 3,200 (it now has a population of about 2,000) was the smallest town in the NSL and one of the smallest towns to host a professional team in the 1950's.
The Superior diamond today is a dirt infield just as it was during its NSL days. The field was built in 1948 and the town of Superior sold 559 season tickets in 1956. That means that almost every household in Superior owned a season ticket. The first year 22,860 fans came to watch the 31 home games of the Superior Senators.
Brodstone field press box Brodstone field detail
The farm club of the Washington Senators finished in 5th place in 1956. They followed that with a seventh place finish in 1957 and last place in 1958. Superior dropped out for 1959, the last year for the league. Jim Hall started his career in Superior. Brodstone field dedication
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