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Superior Senators 1958

The last year for Superior in the Nebraska State League was 1958. Attendance for home games fell from over 19,000 to under 9,000 in one year. The league contracted to six teams for 1959. The team played at Brodstone Memorial Field

Hal Keller was named manager for 1959. Hal was a 32 year old veteran. He had a cup of coffee with the Washington Senators in 1949, 1950 and 1952. He had a light hitting club with a number of players trying to get above the Mendoza line without success.

Superior finished the year in last place, 19 games out of first in a 63 game season.

First base for the Senators in 1958 was indicative of their situation as three different players played the position during the year. William Durdan played in 43 games. The lefty had a .289 average for the year. Jose Millan played in 32 games. The lefty did not approach the Mendoza line and finished with a .188 average. Another light hitter Robert Asmus played in 31 games and averaged .182.

A lot of players were also tried at second base. Ron Barbee played in 34 league games and averaged .290. Lefty Ray Thonn was at the keystone sack for 12 games and had a .222 average.

Third base was one of the few stable spots for the Senators in 1958. Robert Mason held down the position for 56 games and had a team leading .299 average for the year.

Short stop was another revolving door for Superior in 1958. Ron Stoops played 26 games at short and 10 at second. He averaged .218 for the year. Jerome Umano was in the dirt for 19 games and played in a total of 42 games and averaged .238 .

Catcher for the Senators was split between three players. William Holderman put on the mask for 32 games and was another Senator below the Mendoza line at .192. James Gann was another Senator under the Mendoza line. He played in 24 games and averaged .179. Charles Johnson joined the catchers under the Mendoza line with a .143 average in 23 games.

Christopher Virruso was a regular in the outfield for the Senators in 1958. The port side slugger played in 53 of the teams 63 games and averaged .277. Robert Keyes joined the group on the wrong side of the Mendoza line. He played in 48 games and averaged .181. William Watkins played in 46 games in the outfield and some at second base. He averaged .258 for the year. Howard Wetzel played in 15 games and averaged .148. Pete Hudec played in 24 games and averaged .157.

Jack Keys appeared in 15 games for the Senators and had a 5-4 record.

Edilio Oliva also had a 5-4 record in 14 games.

Orlando Valdez appeared in 24 of the Senators 63 games and had a 4-2 record.

Carl Wilderman was 2-3 in 16 appearances.

Angelo Cundari was in 20 games and had a 2-5 record.

William Langley was 2-6 in 16 games.

Hugh Moore and Grover Mullis both had 1-4 records for the Senators in 1958.

Robert Surdy appeared in 8 games and managed a 0-2 record.

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