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The image above was taken a few years ago. In 2005, the city/citizens of Wahoo completed a great spruce up of the stadium. The improvements maintained the fantastic ambiance of the venue while improving the experience for the fans. The next three pictures are after the improvements (pics courtesy of the city of Wahoo).

Named after "Wahoo Sam" Sam Crawford, Sam Crawford field is in the heart of Wahoo Nebraska. Sam is enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame. He was elected in 1957 by the Committee on Baseball Veterans. He played for the Detroit Tigers from 1903-1918. He played in 3 world series and had 312 career triples.

The park named after Sam was home to the Wahoo entry into the Pioneer Nite League. The league was established in 1935 and lasted until 1960. It was one of the top semi-pro leagues in the country and competed with the Nebraska Independent League and the Cornhusker League for dominance in the state.

On the plaque inside the stadium four Saunders County baseball legends in addition to Sam Crawford are honored.

Lee Wiegert from Ithaca Nebraska was a Pioneer Nite League pitcher who in 1947 was invited to Dodgers spring training and repeated in 1948 with the Yankees.

Les Munns from Wahoo, pitched for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1934 and 1935.

Joe Kuncl from Prague Nebraska was a Pioneer Nite League Pitcher who played professional minor league ball from 1947=1956.

Just a few miles west of Wahoo is Weston Nebraska, home of Bob Cerv. Bob Cerv played in 5 world series with the Yankees and his major league career stretched from 1951-1959. He was named to the All Star American League team in 1958 and started the all star game. He was also fourth in the voting for the most valuable player award in 1958, ahead of Mickey Mantle who finished fifth that year.

The field is in great shape. Its location and history gives it that great old time feeling. No pop up aluminum bleachers here. There are real stands with a concrete block facade and baseball mural on the wall.


As the postcard above demonstrates
Wahoo has a long baseball history.

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