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Nebraska State League

The first Nebraska State League started in 1910 and disbanded in 1915. It was a class "D" league. During this time there were classes "A", "B", "C" and the lowest class was class "D". There were 45 minor leagues in existance in 1912.

Nebraska State League
Standings 1912
President: A. C. Felt
Standings Wins Losses GB
Hastings Third Citys 66 45 --
Fremont Pathfinders 66 45 --
Kearney Kapitalists 64 48 2 ½
Columbus Discoverers 56 54 9 ½
Grand Island Collegians 52 58 13 ½
Seward Statesmen 53 59 13 ½
York Prohibitionists 45 66 21
Superior Brickmakers 42 69 24

BA:L.D. Bennett, Fremont Pathfinders, .360
Runs:Charles Block, York Prohibitionists, 116
Hits:Bill Zink, Seward Statesmen, 139
Wins:Joe Lotz, Kearney 26
Pct:Shaner, Kearney Buffaloes, .773, 17-5


Seward was the hard luck team in 1912. By their first game in September they had lost 21 games in the eighth or ninth inning. They continued their collapse in September. On September 3rd Fremont scored four runs in the eight inning to beat Seward 7 to 6. On the 5th, Columbus scored in the bottom of the ninth to win 9 to 8. The sixth saw yet another ninth inning collapse as Plympton hit a home run in the ninth to win for Columbus. Of course 1913 was worse, as a tornado ripped through town in the early spring causing the eventual collapse of the franchise.

At the start of the year there was quite a bruhaha over a former Hastings manager and some financials. The league president Harry Sievers eventually quit the post over the dispute and A. C. Felt of Superior took over the role of president.

Once again at the end of the year challenges and counter challenges over games, salary limit abuses and number of players on contract were made by the two clubs tied for the league lead. The result was the same as the two teams were left tied for the season. This was the second year that Fremont was involved in the dispute.

The Spalding Guide for 1913 lists all of the players in the NSL for 1912 but does not have them listed by team. Baseball Reference also has very little information about the players in the NSL for 1912. The listings for the teams was done by matching the Spalding Guide with box scores from various newspapers during 1912, including the Fremont, Hastings and Grand Island newspapers from 1912. Mid season trades would not be caught by this method.

Dazzy Vance began his career with the Superior Brickmakers in 1912. Although he was born in Orient Iowa his family moved to Cowles Nebraska in 1897. He went to high school at either Hardy or Hastings Nebraska. On September 2nd he pitched a five hitter in the first game of a double header as Superior defeated Columbus 4 to 1. He then pitched the first five innings of the second game getting the win 7 to 4. In 1914 he pitched for the Hastings team and led the Nebraska State League in strikeouts.

Joe Lotz was a 21 year old pitcher from Remson Iowa who led the league with 26 wins for Kearney. He was 26-9 in 1912 and 16-14 in 1913. In 1916 he made it to the major leagues, pitching in 12 games for the Cardinals. He was 0-3, pitching a total of 40 innings in the major leagues.

On August 20th, drafting season opened when the major leagues could take their pick of minor league players at the following prices: Class AA $2,500.00; class A $1,500.00; class B $1,200.00, class C $750.00 and class D $500.00

Hastings Third Cities 1912 Fremont Pathfinders 1912
Kearney Kapitalists 1912 Grand Island Collegians 1912
Superior Brickmakers 1912 Seward Statesmen 1912
York Prohibitionists 1912 Columbus Pathfinders 1912

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