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The Nebraska State League was resurrected in 1928. It was a class "D" league. Minor league structure during this time included "AA", "A", "B", "C" and "D" leagues.
The stock market crash in October 1929 had a huge effect on minor league baseball in the 1930's. Twenty six leagues existed in 1928, by 1933 only 14 were left. The Nebraska State League was one of the few leagues who weathered the storm.
For the third year in a row, McCook took the league with Fairbury chasing them.

Nebraska State League
Standings 1930
President: James Beltzer
Standings Wins--- Losses- GB
McCook Generals 85 34 --
Fairbury Jeffersons 68 51 17
Grand Island Islanders 62 58 23 ½
York Dukes 60 59 25
North Platte Buffaloes 60 60 25 ½
Norfolk Elks 56 65 29
Lincoln Links 56 66 29 ½
Norton Jayhawks 33 87 52 ½

BA: Washington Seelman, North Platte, .373
Runs: Ed Taylor, Lincoln, 125
Hits: Washington Seelman, North Platte, 174
HRs: Mike Kreevich, McCook, 15
Wins: Vito San Filippo, Fairbury, 23
SOs: Vito San Filippo, Fairbury, 243
ERA: Jim Cameron, McCook, 2.25

The league was trying to survive the financial difficulties which killed off a number of minor leagues during the depression. In February, it was discovered that the league had about $5,000 in unpaid bills from the 1929 season. The league then solicited $1,500 from each club in order to pay the existing bills and make the first payment on 8 autobuses. It was expected that the teams would travel by bus in 1930 and the league would own the buses.

During the spring president James E. Beltzer wound up in the Mayo Brothers clinic in Minnesota. For a couple of weeks, vice president Charles Moon took over as president. J. Roy Carter, a prominent Norfork druggist took over as league president pending the return of Mr. Beltzer. Carter discovered that the league finances were worse than originally reported. The league decided to try to make a go of it and the teams started play on May 18th as originally planned.

The big news for 1930 was the addition of lights to Landis Field in Lincoln. It was claimed that this was the first night game for a class "D" league.

Mike Kreevich led the league in homeruns for McCook. The young man from Mt. Olive Illinois moved up to Des Moines of the Western League for 1931. His play in the outfield there made him a Western League All Star in 1931. This earned him a promotion to the Chicago Cubs at the end of the year. He made his major league debut in September 1931 with the Cubs. He played twelve seasons overall for four different teams and managed a .283 lifetime batting average.

Les Nunamaker was the manager of the Lincoln franchise. Les was originally from Aurora Nebraska. He had a long major league career as a catcher and returned to manage the Links and develop young talent.

John "Buster" Lucas from Glen Carbon Illinois was a 27 year old outfielder for McCook. He was sold for $1,000.00 to the Boston Red Sox in August. He played in four games for the Sox, three in 1931 and one in 1932.

Vito San Filippo followed up his 1929 league leading performance in 1929 of 201 strike outs with 243 in 1930. His 22-8 record with Fairbury led to a tryout with the St. Paul Saints of the American Association at the end of the season.

Eash of Lincoln, Ray Schalk of Fairbury and Hark Schrieber of York were acquired by Oklahoma City magnate Jack Holland for his Western League club at the end of the season. After the playoffs he optioned the contracts of Arthur Vaughn, a Norfolk third baseman. Of these acquisitions, Ray Schalk, Logan and White were regulars for Oklahoma City in 1931. Ray Schalk started his career as a player in 1897 at Hot Springs Arkansas. He was player manager of the 1907 Wichita Jobbers. From Wichita to Pueblo to Hitchinson to Oklahoma City his time and efforts were centered on the Western League. In 1928 he announced that any player married during the season would spend his honeymoon in a lower classification league. "No player can do his best in competition and accept the responsibilities of a bride at the same time". He eventually was able to move the franchise to the Texas League. His son John Holland served on the Chicago Cubs board of directors.

Bob Logan was a pitcher for Fairbury in 1930. The twenty year old from Thompson Nebraska played with Oklahoma City and Indianapolis and made it to the majors in 1935.

William Eissler a pitcher for McCook was given a tryout with Toledo of the American Association at the end of the season.

Ig Walters at first base for McCook was sold on option to Kansas City of the American Association.

After the playoffs Seelman and White from North Platte were optioned to Des Moines of the Western League. White wound up as a regular for Oklahoma City in 1931.

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