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Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas League (MINK)
Auburn Athletics 1910-1913

Auburn Athletics 1911

The Auburn Athletics was one of the original franchises in the MINK league. They were a consistent first division club.

In 1910 the club was formed with Warren Cummings as the manager. The town leaders looked at different sites for a new diamond but decided on using the fair grounds even though it was considered to be a good distance from the town center. Crowds of 1,500 were common for holiday games during the season. The fairgrounds were not ideal as it was not fenced on all sides.

Before the 1911 season the ballpark was redone, with a new grandstands and fenced outfield. The grandstands and bleachers would easily hold a crowd of 1,500 and an auto park area was reserved for those who drove to see the games. Season tickets were $10.00.

They were in first place in 1913 when Falls City and Humboldt withdrew from the league causing the league to collapse.

Auburn Athletics 1910

Auburn Athletics 1911

Auburn Athletics 1912

Auburn Athletics 1913

Tushla Field
Auburn Nebraska
Current ball park at the fair grounds

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