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Tri-State League

The Tri-State League was the attempted successor to the ending of the Nebraska State League in 1923. Many of the class "D" teams in the old NSL moved over to the Tri State league.
Tri-State League 1924
President: Richard Grotto
Standings Wins--- Losses- GB
Beatrice Blues 35 30 --
Sioux Falls Canaries 35 30 --
Norfolk Elk Horns 31 30 2
Grand Island Islanders 32 32 3 ½
Hastings Cubs 29 34 6
Sioux City Cardinals 29 35 6 ½

League disbanded July 17.
BA:Graeme Snow, Sioux Falls, .339
Runs:Pid Purdy, Beatrice, 39
Hits:Pid Purdy, Beatrice, 65
WinsEdward Shupe, Grand Island, 15
Pct:Dunnagan, Beatrice, .800, 8-2

With the collapse of the South Dakota league in 1923, the thought of a Tri-State league was resurrected. The hope was to attract enough franchises from larger cities to acquire class "C" status. Lincoln returned to the class "A" Western League in 1924 and Fairbury was dropped. Sioux City, which lost their Western League franchise to Lincoln and Sioux Falls of the defunct South Dakota League joined the four holdovers from the Nebraska State League to form the Tri-State League.

The opening games were played in cold and wet weather. It was so cold in Beatrice that Judge Fred Messmore served formal and legal papers to Fred Wertz, one of the directors of the Beatrice club, that required the team to provide cobs for the grandstand heaters or he, the judge, would withdraw his support until the weather was warmer.

By early July, the Sioux City franchise was in deep financial trouble. Sioux City had financial problems in the Western League the two years before which resulted in Lincoln acquiring their class "A" Western League franchise. George Seagrist, who had been with the Fairbury clan in 1922 had tried to make a go of it in Sioux City but threw in the towel in early July. He disbanded the club and released all of his players. Many of them were owned by the St. Louis Cardinals and it was up to the parent club to find homes for the baseball orphans.

A last ditch effort to place a franchise in Aberdeen was unsuccessful and the league folded with Beatrice and Sioux Falls in a tie for first place.

Many of the better players were quickly acquired by other clubs. Pid Purdy and Anderson from Beatrice went to Lincoln and Robert Beall went to Wichita.

Pid Purdy
Photo Postcard
Pid Purdy, a Beatrice native, returned from college in Beloit Wisconsin to join the Beatrice team. He played with Lincoln the year before but became a free agent when Lincoln dropped their NSL franchise to join the Western League. With the collapse of the league he joined the Lincoln Western League club for the remainder of the 1924 season.

Beatrice Blues 1924 Norfolk Elk Horns 1924
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